The right oak is sustainable

One of the most sustainable materials you can use in the building trade is Oak, providing that the oak has been sourced from a managed forest which has been grown for the purpose of building and should not be confused with deforestation.

2 things to note

Oak frames give you longevity that will outlive you and will give any stone or brick building a run for it’s money.

Oak trees absorb carbon from the air for all of their life.

An Oak Managed Forest
Acorn from an Oak Tree

FSC In A Nut Acorn Shell

The FSC is a governing body which gives certification to forest which:

  • Preserves biological diversity
  • Benefits lives of local people
  • Benefits workers
  • Ensures it sustains economic viability


You can find out more details about the FSC here

Sustainability is morally important to us....

As the owner of Shire Oak Timber Frames I won't use timber / oak that has had a knock on effect to the environment or to people's lives, that's why we run a strict rule that all our timber MUST be FSC certified.


Communication is key to a successful build, so let us know as much information as possible.

Oak frame porch architect drawing